UCT Logo "Our company has worked with IWS over the past 3 years.  We are starting our 4th year in the Healthy Ways program.  We are now beginning to see how having a wellness program is making a difference in our company.  IWS is a great partner in helping our employees to understand how the program works along with the health coaching they provide to those who are interested.  Our Account Manager, Victoria Pietruszka plays an integral part in the process because she is our go to person with questions or concerns.  Victoria has built an excellent relationship with our employees and I think that is a testament to her background, character, personality and understanding of our company culture.  Communication and ongoing support from IWS has played an important role in the success of our company's wellness program.  Overall, my experience working with IWS has been very positive.  IWS provides great resources and their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable."

-Nicole Watson, Human Resources Coordinator, United Commercial Travelers

"We implemented the Integrated Wellness Program after receiving a grant from the BWC.  To say it has changed our staff would be an understatement.  We went through the biometric screenings and discovered that for the most part we were fairly healthy.  What really made the greatest impact was when we went through the weight management program for 12 weeks.  This inspired nine of us to compete in a Biggest Loser Challenge.  At the end of the 12 week session all nine of us had lost weight.  We lost a total of 157 pounds! An entire human being!  We plan to weigh in at the end of the year to be sure that we have kept off our weight.  If it had not been for Integrated Wellness we would not have been motivated to do this."

-Elaine Nye, Superintendant, New Reigel Local Schools

TAP Logo "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Victoria and staff at IWS for over a year.  We have received great service and immediate responses that are truly appreciated.  From the onsite health fairs to the work done monthly, the staff at IWS is professional and helpful.  I’ve personally lost weight and take a different approach to wellness - and so do many of our employees.  Our overall health has improved from 2012 to 2013 and we’re looking forward to furthering our journey into wellness."

-Christina Turner, Human Resources Manager, Tap Packaging Solutions

"Rich & Dr. Paul work hand in hand to provide a systematic corporate wellness program to help manage healthcare costs while improving the health of associates.  They use an on-line, secured website to accumulate monthly data from participants & report progress - with no personal data -back to the company leadership.  Wellness programs are established for/with those employees who are outside of the norms for BMI, body fat or are smokers - & we don't have to manage any of it.
We have been with IWS for going on 2 years & we see benefits in what they bring to the table!"

-Ken Roosa, Director of Operations, Scott Family McDonald's

"As an IWS member, I love this wellness program.  In the two months that we have had the program here at work, I have already had most of my preventative care exams, I have received a customized exercise plan and a customized nutrition plan.  I feel better about myself and am working hard to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle.  In addition, my employer has made arrangements to have fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to our office once a week for any employees who wish to place an order.  As a result, me and my family are getting a better serving of fruits and veggies every day.  I cannot say enough good things about the IWS Wellness Program!
As a broker promoting IWS to my clients, I am finding the program to be a very valuable component of my client's benefit program.  One of my clients implemented the IWS program in the summer.  When they received their medical renewal in February, they were facing almost a 30% increase in premium.  I was able to take the monthly reports we receive from IWS and show their insurance carrier that the company has embraced a culture of wellness. We found the number of tobacco users had decreased, and the percentage of employees with high a BMI also decreased.  Using this data, I was able to negotiate their renewal down to about 18%.  It is my hope that next year, their renewal will look even better as employees continue to participate in the IWS program."

-Michele Hanzak, Account Executive, Zito Insurance

TC Logo "After many years with IWS, we have realized the “true value” of having a wellness program. Our healthy ways comprehensive program combines the screenings with monthly newsletters to offer continuing education for employees with concerns about their health."

-Karen Alsop, Human Resource Manager, Town & Country Co-op Inc.

ZIN Logo "The IWS team was helpful getting our health committee educated on their program in calendar year 2010 for launch January, 2011. IWS worked with our HR staff to handle employee communication, biometric screening and Healthy Ways monitoring since inception. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail made the program easier to implement. We have experienced employee participation levels above 70% since we launched. IWS has provided monthly reminders to post Healthy Ways points and newsletters focused on wellness matters for distribution to all employees. The results in fully insured premium health care cost adjustments have been a 0% and 1% increase in the last two years. This program works!"

-Gary Mynchenberg, VP Administration and Finance, ZIN Technologies, Inc.