• IWS will come onsite to perform individual screenings
  • Each screening will last 10-12 minutes
  • Each employee will receive results of screenings immediately
  • IWS will provide full consultation of results and risk factors
  • The screening requires employees to fast a minimum of 8 hours
  • The screening will include a finger prick
  • BMI/Body Fat Analysis will be conducted using a bioimpedence unit which is non-invasive and does not require skin calipers
  • All screenings will remain confidential
  • SPOUSES CAN BE INCLUDED:  Leadership Decision
NOTE: If our client chooses the comprehensive health risk assessment, IWS will have full Executive Summary completed within 10 business days following project for client leadership team.  IWS. will schedule a follow-up analysis meeting of our findings to review with leadership. In addition, each employee will receive a comprehensive personal wellness profile highlighting strengths, weaknesses and potential red flags.