All employees will be educated by an IWS Employee.  IWS employees have a MINIMUM of a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology or a related field.  Each IWS Employee are well seasoned speakers, some of which speak on Conference Tours such as Club Industry, National Association for Employee Recognition, and others.  Employees will be engaged, required to participate and will have educational tools provided upon commencement of presentation.
  • "Control Your Controllables" It is the answer in life!
  • Stress Management, "What is this stuff?"
  • A Healthy Back, "How do I relieve my pain?"
  • Adherence to Exercise, "It can be done."
  • Arthritis in the Workplace, "Please help me!"
  • Cancer, "How do I mitigate my risk"
  • Consumerism, "Spending healthcare dollars wisely"
  • Fit to Travel
  • "Get Real People, Quit Making Excuses in Life!"
  • Metabolic Syndrome, “This is real”
  • "Numbers That Count in Life"
  • Overweight in America, "This is a national concern"
  • Protecting Your Heart
  • Quality of Life
  • Sleep; "Is it possible to get a good night’s sleep?"
  • Smoking Cessation, "It does not hurt to try"
  • Eating on the Run, "A national epidemic"
  • "Let’s Talk About Life"

IWS Wellness Presentations can be conducted in 30, 45, 60 and or 90 minutes.  In addition, IWS will tailor and or create any wellness presentation topic to fit our client's needs