Most organizations think of wellness companies as those who provide the basic services, biometric testing, weight management and fitness instruction. This does not hold true with Integrated Wellness Solutions. Although we can provide all of the above, IWS approach is much deeper than programming. We get to the root of the problem. Company behavior, demographics and history. We want to know WHY YOUR COSTS are out of control. 99% of the time, we can contribute a majority of the expense to personal behavior. To change costs we must change behavior! For carriers to “BUY IN” to a company’s commitment, there must be a measurable action plan. If a company is not willing to ENGAGE ALL, why engage?

“Our program is one of a kind! Where else can a company have 81% participation and in some cases PAID FOR by their health carrier! This is what we do at IWS. We are not only a wellness integration provider, but we are a true champion at engaging the healthcare system to be part of the package. I do not know of one singe Wellness Provider who truly engages the healthcare system. We understand Benefits; we know plan designs and contribution strategies. We are a solution provider. Everybody wants wellness; however, continue to state they have little resources. This is where IWS plays a key role; we have broker partners, who engage us in plan design and carrier involvement. In many cases, our carrier partners PAY for the wellness to mitigate THEIR RISKS!” Richard Siegenthaler, President, IWS

Let’s face it, if you are a fully insured company, all the risk is on the carrier. Everybody blames the carrier when it comes to rate increases and healthcare expense. IWS takes a different approach. How about WE, as an organization take some accountability as a group and dedicate ourselves to healthier lifestyles. We, as an organization make a commitment, MAKE IT MANDATORY, and then the carrier feels that BOTH have “skin in the game”. If a carrier experiences a client who has employees engaging in healthier lifestyles and preventative screenings, they are more likely to participate in funding!”

We make things simple for our partners. We learn your culture, strategically plan with you, then we HOLD EACH OTHER accountable. We, the wellness provider and YOU the wellness client. Together we win. We, IWS, cannot make it happen if YOU the company are not committed and walk the talk for IWS to be effective. This is a true partnership!


Break down the silo between group health and wellness.  We involve group health carriers to actively participate with companies who “walk the talk” with measurable wellness programming by lowering premiums up front for all to have “skin in the game.”


Become the premier wellness integration company in Ohio.


  • Professionalism:  we pride ourselves in bringing the most experienced an educated wellness and benefits professionals to the table when working with our clients.
  • Passion: we work with energy and believe our mission
  • Persuasiveness: we will leverage our carrier partners to invest in wellness for our clients AND hold all our clients accountable together
  • Partners: we work together to develop wellness integration strategies with our clients to match cultures and business models.

Business Philosophy

Be what we say we are: “A difference maker!”  We do not integrate wellness unless it is measured, mandatory and or integrated with benefits plans.