Do We Continue to Shift Healthcare Expense to the Employee?

The trend is YES. Employers are now in a position to rethink their group health strategies. Employers need accountability from the employee regarding their very own personal health behavior. Employers want to provide strong benefits plans for their employees, however, must be in a position financially, during an economy that is struggling, to make tough decisions. Shifting expense does not mean “COST MORE” but could mean the risk is more focused upon the employee regarding “UP FRONT” expense. Employers who are moving to a wellness and accountability culture are those who are going to survive this nightmare we call healthcare.


Do We Move to Consumer Driven Plans?

According to studies conducted by the University of Michigan Physicians and Professors, 39% of companies over 100 employees currently have moved into a high deductible health plan strategy. Further research indicates this will reach nearer 60% over the next 5 years.

This strategy provides employees to have more “control and say” over their healthcare expenses. In fact, employees have the opportunity to build future medical savings via a health savings account that is pre-tax to cover all medical expenses including, but limited to dental, vision, prescriptions drugs and medical supplies.

Employers have an opportunity within this approach to contribute to employee health savings accounts with the premium dollars saved up front. This is becoming a very strong direction for American Industry healthcare strategy. The answer to this question is trending to YES as well.


Do We Do Away With Group Health Insurance Altogether?

The answer is a resounding NO. Companies doing away with healthcare will not be able to attract or retain employees. Employees need promise of protection and peace of mind. Employees are looking for organizations who “VALUE” them as a person and asset to the company rather than a number or figure to cover business.


Why Corporate Wellness Plan?

  • 86% of Ohio’s best performers offer Fitness/Wellness Programs
  • 85% of Ohio’s best performers offer Work/Life Balance Programs
  • 67% of Ohio’s best performers offer On-Site Health Screenings
  • 100% of organizations elected by Fortune magazine have a comprehensive Benefits/Wellness Strategy in place
  • Corporate wellness rates as #3 for attraction and retention strategies for US companies

Comprehensive, MANDATORY and measurable wellness plans work immediately. Employers who implement voluntary wellness programs get exactly what they expect…a 20% participation rate. Employers who partner with outside vendors who measure everything and require participation, many times earn positive ROI year one via healthcare premium decreases and or stabilization from carriers.
Again, the key is your broker and how hard your broker works for you. IWS partners with brokers who understand wellness integration and will leverage wellness cultures with the carrier providers.
Wellness is here to stay according to Towers Perrin (Health and Welfare Consulting Group). Preventative is not a band aid, but a true approach to company resolution of increasing healthcare.


Why IWS?

We are not an outsourcing wellness organization. We pride ourselves on establishing relationships with our client partners so the employees develop trust in our services. Our clients see us!

  • Extensive expertise in group health and wellness strategies.
  • Strong customer support system to provide “long term solutions”.
  • Good relations with ALL carriers.
  • Reporting systems, feedback opportunities and ROI Analysis for clients.
  • Comprehensive approach to savings strategies.